Believe it or not, Homestead’s 16th Annual Family Fun Night and Silent Auction Team (held in March 2019) is already moving at full throttle, requesting donations from area businesses as well as national businesses! This year’s theme is “Oh The Places You’ll Go with Homestead Elementary,” and honors the great Dr. Seuss!

If you own a business, work at a business, or know a business that would like to make a donation of products, services or in-kind donations to our PRIMARY fundraising event of the year, please contact Sherry Cramer via email at HomesteadSilentAuction@gmail.com ASAP! She will be happy to pass along pertinent donation information. Thank you for helping to make our 16th Annual event a success!

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Searching for Yearbook Photos!


Email them to homestead.elementary.yearbook@gmail.com or susanmnorvell@gmail.com

Put "grade/teacher/event" in subject line (as applicable)

Keep images in their LARGEST size (do not reduce image) 




Must be taken at school or at a Homestead-related event 

Images must be in focus and not too dark

Groups of 2, 3 or 4 are best

Do not repeat same person in multiple groups

No hand signs (peace sign, bunny ears, etc.) or tongues/open mouths 


Homestead All Pro Dads!


Welcome back to school and another great year of All Pro Dads days.  Believe it or not, this is our 5th year at Homestead Elementary and we are looking forward to the best year yet!  


For those dads that are new to Homestead, our All Pro Dad chapter meets once a month before school for a morning of coffee, donuts (best in Carrollton), and companionship with our kids.  We talk about topics that are age appropriate and meaningful to the children.  All are designed to help us engage and communicate with them to grow closer and stronger together.   We meet monthly around 7:10 a.m. and are finished by the time the bell rings.  Come and enjoy a great morning with your neighbors and their kids.  I promise you will enjoy your time.  


Our first meeting is Friday September 21st at 7:10 a.m.  This month's topic is Positivity and is all about modeling and teaching our children how a positive attitude in life helps us.  From our health and happiness to our financial well being, having a positive outlook on life is a powerful tool for our children to have.  Come and join us for a morning of fun and togetherness with our kids.  


All Pro Dad is an organization whose goal is to foster great relationships between fathers and their children.  We do this by encouraging dads to take an active and engaging role in their children's lives.  All Pro Dad provides thoughtful information, articles, and resources to help the modern father communicate not just with their children but with their spouse and others in the community.  


At the Homestead All Pro Dad chapter, we extend the role of, "Dad," to any positive male role model in a child's life.  Dads, step-dads, granddads, big brothers, or uncles, if you play a the role of a positive male role model, you are welcome to the meetings.  


Please come and join us on Friday September 21st.  


Ken Clausen